The Aboriginal Aquatic Resources and Oceans Management (AAROM) Program is a vehicle for First Nations to establish a permanent presence in the Canadian Fishing Industry by developing a strategy focused on capacity building, combining resources, and strengthening relationships with all stakeholders. The North Shore Micmac District Council (NSMDC), an existing tribal council, established Anqotum Resource Management, an AAROM body, to provide support for its member First Nations.

Anqotum’s member communities are Elsipogtog, Buctouche, Eel Ground, Eel River Bar, Fort Folly, Indian Island, Metepenagiag and Pabineau First Nations.

Anqotum has created “Wisisk” as an interactive tool for children to learn and discover species that are traditionally significant to the Mi’gmaw, and their species at risk listing. This will further enhance awareness of traditional lands and promote stewardship for our species at risk.

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