Eel River Bar


Ugpi’ganjig (Eel River Bar) is located at the mouth of the Eel River along the beautiful Bay of Chaleur.  From the shores of the community, you can look across the bay at the province of Quebec, and also see the mouth of the world-famous salmon river – the Restigouche.

Ugpi’ganjig is a proud Mig’maq community of approximately 766 members, and the community is comprised of three tracts of land totaling approximately 572 hectares.

Fishing, hunting, forestry and community governance are part of their everyday lives.  The band administration is the largest community employer due in large part to integrated management of a wide array of community services, departments and band owned businesses.

Plants/medicines that can be found include sweetgrass, bar clams, lobster, striped bass, blueberries, white and black ash, birch, spruce, maple tree, cedar, muskrat root, fiddleheads, cattails.  Beaver, black bear, eagle, mallard duck, moose, and porcupine can also be found here. Caribou were present until the 1930s but are extirpated.